What We Do

Staff88 helps child care providers to operate more profitable and quality programs with our two cloud-based solutions: Labor Management and Sub-Share Network.

Our labor management flagship tool, IRiS (Intelligent Resource iScheduler), automates the staff scheduling and labor management process. IRiS optimizes staff scheduling by avoiding overstaffed and minimizing understaffed situations, thus reducing labor cost, while staying in compliance.

Sub-Share Network is our online platform that allows child care providers to easily access affordable subs and to screen/recruit high quality staff.

Labor Management

Optimal staff scheduling, the most critical and the complex component of child care labor management is being handled by IRiS (Intelligent Resource iScheduler).

IRiS gathers children's fluctuating schedules, availability of staff, scheduling rules, licensing ratio, classroom’s schedule order preferences, staff absence/time off, overtime, break time, plus other parameters, and then apply our intelligent scheduling logic to produce an optimized proposed work schedule. This computation and processing can’t be easily done with Excel or the typical human brain.

Mobile App: XpressCount

Staff88 offers a handy mobile app, XpressCount, designed to take a quick (express) real-time head count of children and staff at the center throughout the day.

Instead of using a clipboard, you can have your designated staff do a walk through quick count with a mobile device.

As soon as the staff is done with the count, within seconds, your center's head count and ratio status (overstaffed or understaffed) will be available for you to review and make immediate staff scheduling decisions at anytime, anywhere.

XpressCount is available for download:


  • Save Time

    Enter all the required data once. IRiS does all the thinking for you and proposes an optimal schedule. IRiS can perform optimal scheduling in few seconds that used to take few hours.
  • Reduce Cost

    IRiS predictive and proactive approach to controlling overtime and overstaffed help to eliminate unnecessary cost over run, thus reducing labor costs.
  • Complete Control

    Look at the detailed schedule at every 15 minute interval in a simple visual view and have complete control over the staff schedule.
  • Happier Staff

    With IRiS, scheduling is less emotional and more consistent. Less scheduling conflicts, staff getting their shifts and time-off requests well ahead of time, all leads to more satisfied staff and a higher quality program.

Sub-Share Network

Our Sub-Share Network allows child care providers to easily find reliable and cost effective substitutes as well as to hire quality permanent staff. There are two types of Sub-Share Network: Public and Private.

A Public network is formed by a group of independent childcare providers, in the same geographical area, to manage and share subs. A Private network is setup by multi-site childcare providers for internal use within their own organization.


  • Easy Booking

    Whenever a provider needs a sub to cover, she can easily search and book a sub online from the Sub-Share Network.
  • Try-Before-You-Permanently Hire

    The Sub-Share Network allows providers to try a potential hire as a sub first before hiring her/him as a permanent staff member. This approach will help you make better informed hiring decisions. In the event the sub is not a good fit, there is no emotional stress of termination.
  • Enthusiastic Subs

    Subs can manage and set their own schedule and availability. In addition, subs have the opportunity to experience different styles of programs, philosophies and curriculum of providers within the network. This will help the sub to find the center that is the right fit for them for full time work.


Staff88 solution is offered as Software as a Service (SaaS) or cloud-based software. SaaS is ideal for the child care industry because the monthly subscription fee is very affordable. It requires minimal resources and effort to implement.

As a SaaS solution, Staff88 is accessible 24/7 from any Internet-connected device. With SaaS, all updates and new releases are included and handled by Staff88. Each time you login, you gain access to seamless upgrades which means you can enjoy new features, all the time.

Staff88's services do not require a long-term contract. You simply pay as you go. This pricing model ensures we earn our client's business every month, which is a huge plus for you!

Staff88 offers 3 subscription levels depending on the number of staff you have. Please contact us for more detailed information.

Request A Live Demo

We believe one of the best ways to learn about a solution is to see it in action live. That is why we offer a live demo. In a live demo we can discuss your particular situation, address pricing/fees for your center's staffing needs and any implementation concerns you may have.

Please complete the form below to request a Live demo of Staff88 solutions. We never share your information and never spam.
Note: We conduct Live demos using a remote meeting tool like GotoMeeting.

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What is Required

Internet Connection

As Staff88 is a cloud-based solution, all you need an internet connection to access our solutions..

We Import Data

If you are already using a center management system (procare, ezcare, ccm), we can help you import the data into the Staff88 labor management solution.


If you are interested in an integrated solution, Staff88 Labor Management solution is fully integrated with Oncare, the leading cloud-based center management system. Oncare has been serving the child care industry with its robust online solutions since 2007. Any child, staff data updates in Oncare will be automatically synchronized with Staff88. No duplicated data entries! Please make sure you ask about this integration when you contact us.

Contact Us

If you are interested to learn more about Staff88 or have any questions, Please complete the information below, and we will get back to you shortly.

You can also contact us at 1-877-346-3006.

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About Us

Our Belief

At Staff88, we believe childcare providers play a significant role in our society as they are raising the future generations in America. The quality and availability of care is dependent on staffing and labor management. This was the belief that gave birth to Staff88.

Our Team

Staff88 is the only company that provides cloud-based labor management software that is focused entirely on the child care industry. We are made up of a team of childcare, business and technology veterans who had developed successful online solutions for the childcare industry for the past 15 years. Our experience and expertise in the childcare field enables us to bring innovative online technology to help providers deal with their most pressing operational and profitability challenges.

Our Approach

Our software is “in the cloud” as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, which makes it ideal for the child care field as it is affordable, easy to access, and easy-to-use. We treat our clients as our partners, and we work hand-in-hand with them every step of the way to ensure they are achieving their goals. We would appreciate an opportunity to evaluate how our services can best benefit your child care business needs.


Simon Ho, our CEO, was interviewed by Julie Bartkus, the leading expert in childcare staffing issues. You can listen to the recorded interview here.

Staff88 exhibited at the recent Childcare Business Success conference in Chicago.

Staff88 sponsored the Childcare Business Success book.

Staff88 will be exhibiting at the Professional Association for Childhood Education (PACE)
2014 Conference to be held in Monterrey, CA. Come visit us.

Staff88 will be exhibiting at the Childcare Success Summit 2014 Conference in Las Vegas.